Sharing Our Experiences- The Symposium - 1 August 2019

CETL is launching "The 3rd Symposuim on Teaching and Learning: Sahring our Experiences " and opening the doors to present Abstracts about Action Research in teaching and learning. The conference aims to aid in developing the educational process as one of the main aspects in higher education, and to encourage the Excellence in teaching and learning.

Conference Themes:

  1. Students centered strategies in higher education.
  2. Innovative methods of teaching in higher (Active learning, collaborative learning, problem based learning, community based learning, experiential learning etc…)
  3. Higher order thinking skills in teaching and learning in higher education.
  4. Action research and reflective teaching in higher education
  5. Evaluation and Assessment models in teaching and learning in higher education.
  6. Using Technology in higher education
  7. Strategies of motivating students in higher education.
  8. Professional development in higher education
  9. Successful projects to improve in higher education
  10. Effective initiatives to develop teaching and learning in higher education.


Conference Program:



  • Sharing Our Experiences- The 3rd Symposium - 1 August 2019


Media Gallery:

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